Today we left Puquio to go to Nazca at 8:00 am, we and our new friends the "hermanos" Argentinean, was a beautiful sunny day, perfect 164 kms, almost all on the Andes´s ridge, something divine, near Nasca is an indescribable landscape, photo can´t describe the magnitude of all that. The Argentine friends were driving well, 10:30 am we arrive in Nazca, here we follow differents ways, we'll go to the north and they are coming back by Chile. Today we will sleep here in Nasca, because as everyone knows here are the Nasca lines, which became very popular it from the book  "Chariots of the Gods?" We found a couple of Brazilians Lourdes and Cicero (Cicero a veteran of the motorcycle tourism, who already has three published books ). We rent a plane for four and flew over the Nasca lines. As it was windy, the airplane shook a lot, and  Ula and Lourdes not felt very well, I was recording and Ula was taking  photos, which left much to be desired. As for the look of lines, we had greater expectations.
Today we drove only 170 kms.

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