Last post was only possible now, where we was yesterday (Puquito) has no internet. Let the facts:

We left Cusco at 9am, more adepted to the hight, the goal of the day was Chauluanca, the road trough severals villages. We were at 3000m above sea level and descended a beatiful montain to arrive in Abancancay´s valley.

 After Abancay, the road has many curves beside Chaluanca river, and in this passage a few streams pass over the road, some times the road over and continues some 100 meters later, some areas of collapse, with middle lane blocked, but cool stretch to drive.

We got our goal at 3pm. A bealtiful sunny day, We resolved go away to the next city, more 177kms. We knew that was the beginning of the range again, but 177kms is nothing, so we let.
Curve on the curve, more than 4000m above the sea level, wind, rain and cold. 1,5°C (wind chill of -10°C), fog, and night come. we found 3 Argentines, on two motocycles, a couple in a BMW 800, and one with Falcon, we went together until Puquio, we arrive at night. Conclution: the distance say nothing, there are severals factores that we need thing before take the road.

With expiriense of trough the Andes, this time was the more complete one, we had cold, hail, rain, ice on the runway, fog, slippery road, poor visibility, and a lot of adrenalin.

Here has severals kilometres above 4500 masl.

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