We woke up early, but the coffee was read at 7:30 pm, we started road at 8:30 pm, low traffic, native forest still preserved (Peruvian Amazon), but the man's presence are at everywhere, specialy near highway, at a stretch, there a lot of miners camps, forming a city of canvas, devastating forests, rivers, mercury using indiscriminate. What means, destruction motivated by the illusion of getting rich overnight, but sub-human conditions.
The road passes through numerous villages, which notes that people still dressed in his typical. In the village of Marcapata, the 3150 m high, we stop the bike and a native came talk and invited us for tea of ​​coca in his home. We accepted. He showed us a notebook with Brazilian’s names whose passed by there. He said "me gustaría mucho, si usted escribes su nombre en mi libro", then our names are in his precious  book. 
Today the monotony of long straight lines were broken, first by the Sierra Santa Rosa, after we crossed the mountain range (tens of curves) where the highest point over 4800 feet above the level of sea. We came from Puerto Maldonado, at a height of approximately 200 meters of sea level, which represents a variation more than 4600 meters, with a consequent variation in temperature at about 40 degrees. And to improve the thermal sensation, got a little rain. 
We are in Cusco, where we stand tomorrow. 
Today we ran 500 km.

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